Premium fillings for years of luxury uncompromised comfort.

A luxury latex mattress with top quality reflex support for many years of luxurious sleep. Graphite latex ensures full compliance with FR regulations and is a premium luxury components in this mattress.

Available in 1000, 1500, 2000 pocket springs.

Single sided non turn mattress with luxury knitted cover.



• Luxury latex comfort with Reflex Foam support
• Reflex 400 support
• Pocket springs
• Ultra-Edge support
• Exclusive knitted bamboo cover

Shown: Ultra Edge Latex mattress on a Pennine base in aberdeen grey with floorstanding harber headboard.

Make your bedroom really feel like home with our Ultra Edge Latex bed. Supportive and comfortable, Ultra Edge Latex will stand the test of time and keep you sleeping well for years to come.


Your comfort level is customisable – choose from 1000, 1500, or 2000 pocket springs to rest your head on. Along with your choice of pocket spring count, Ultra Edge Latex is cushioned with both graphite latex and reflex foam to create an even more comfortable sleep experience. To top it all off, Ultra Edge Latex is enveloped in an exclusive knitted bamboo cover for a final touch of luxury.